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Thaddäus Rohrer Unternehmensberatung


Thaddäus Rohrer Unternehmensberatung - TRUB (international consulting) was founded 1992 when Mr. Rohrer was 34 years old. At that time he had already worked in the furniture industry and retail for 14 years.

During the past 16 years the company developed a very successful network for lots of industry and trading lines.

Furthermore Mr. Rohrer is partowner in other consulting companies.

In 1999 TRUB became a member of the BDU, which is the most powerful consultant network in the world. With some other furniture specialists Mr. Rohrer founded a new BDU-group of furniture-consultants and is vice-president of this group.



The services TRUB offers, are:

Strategy development for marketing and sales

Concepts are more important than products; contacts to the key accounts is what you need. We bring you into the business in Europe, we know the trends and how to realize the right products and we support companies to succeed in their markets to become more efficient than others.

Personnel Recruitment / Headhunting

Our philosophy "Success with people, who fit together" makes sure that we search for the right people for your company.

M & A

Our transaction sum is over 100 million Euro. You want to buy or sell a company, we are one of the first addresses in Germany to support you.

Our customers are the leading producers and retail organizations in Germany and Europe and include customers in 15 countries such as Brazil, Turkey, Poland, France, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Italy, Germany etc…

TRUB customers are manufacturers as well as retail companies; these are the big key players as well as the small and smart ones. Trust is the basis for all TRUB projects and TRUB has an impressive list of international references to support their confidence. We also visite China to bring the most growing economy and its strength to Europe in a most efficient way. Furthermore we sell our knowledge to interested companies in China who want to start business with European concepts.


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