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Entering the German Markets

The German Wood and Furniture Market is factually the second largest in the world - and one of the toughest. Probably it will be of high commercial interest for you to enter and to sell here, however it will be much easier with the essential knowledge about the major field facts, market structures and participants.

We are a small and efficient consulting co-operation of experts from the wood and furniture business, trade as well as industry, with long term experience in various relevant issues of the market: products, strategy, budget, key-accounts, buying groups, contracts, press, campaigns, advertisements, personnel (employed or free-lance), services, fairs, regions.

We are sure that you will identify quite a few questions which you might like to be replied, commented or evaluated by independent and trustworthy professionals. Please don’t hesitate to contact us during the lock down. For further details you are welcome to have a look at www.rohrer.de.